IFLA Lightning Talks

Can you say what needs to be said in 5 minutes?

We invite congress delegates who want to share something interesting and inspiring with international library world to submit a proposal for a 5-minute Lightning Talk. It is a great way for IFLA WLIC delegates to share innovative projects of international relevance with other delegates.

Whether you carried out a project with a marginalised group, have some tips to pass on about building the membership of your association, you have an idea to solve a problem in your library, you have a passion you want to share, come along and share your news or ideas. The more variety, the more interesting it becomes!

5-minute Lightning Talks

There are several formats for these short sessions, you can think of Ignite Talks, TED Talks or Pecha Kucha sessions. We don’t want to limit the speakers at our Congress to any of these formats, although you are welcome to use them, the only restriction that we have is that after 5 minutes, you hand over the microphone!

There will not be simultaneous interpretation for these sessions so please bear in mind that you should keep things simple and easy for everyone to understand.

Based on the submissions, we will plan sessions made up of four presentations. Once all the presentations are done, the moderator will lead a question and answer session of 15 minutes max before we continue to the next round of Lightning Talks.


Thursday, 29 August, 11.00 – 16.00


Megaron Athens International Convention Centre

Submit a proposal

WLIC 5-minute Lightning Talk proposal webform


Fill out the online questionnaire before 17 May 2019


How to prepare for such a short presentation:

And also, check out these pages to be inspired:

But you can of course also Google on other types of short presentations.


Please contact: claire.mcguire@ifla.org