Facilities at  Megaron Conference Centre 

The Megaron Conference Centre is well adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

  • There is easy access to the Concert Hall for the disabled, and there are specially designed restrooms on all levels, as well as trolley bars.
  • If you are arriving from Vas. Sofias St., use the ramp at the entrance to access the ticket office and foyer. From here you can take the lift to stalls entrances 2 and 3 if you are attending an event in the Christos Lambrakis Hall, or the internal lift to entrance 1 if your event is in the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall. Both these venues have a specially designated space to accommodate three wheelchairs.
  • If you are attending an event in the Alexandra Trianti Hall, Nikos Skalkotas Hall or Banquet Hall, or if you wish to visit the exhibition area, conference facilities or Lilian Voudouri Music Library, there is a ramp at the new entrance on Vas. Sofias St., leading to the main foyer, from where there are ramps and lifts to all areas. To get to the Alexandra Trianti Hall you will take the internal lift at entrance 5, which brings you to stalls entrance 1, where there is a specially designated area for 3 wheelchairs. In the Nikos Skalkotas Hall there is space for 2 wheelchairs, while the Banquet Hall has a level floor and no fixed seats.
  • If you come to the Concert Hall by car, you can park in the special disabled parking places on all three levels of the Concert Hall parking facility. Then follow the special signs to the lifts, from where you can access all areas of the Concert Hall.
  • There is also access to the gardens of the Concert Hall and the Fuga restaurant, either from V. Sofias St. or from Kokkali St.

You can call the Megaron Conference Centre at +30 210 7282324. They will be happy to provide any information or clarification you require.

Guide Dogs

In Greece, guide dogs and guide dogs in training are allowed everywhere with their ID and vaccination carnet according to law 3868/10.

They users need to have proper documentation to show that they are working dogs. Guide dogs are also allowed without muzzle.

In case that you face discrimination please do not hesitate to contact: +39.6970.282.883

Hotel Rooms

Please click here to see the hotels which are offering accessible rooms in Athens.

Library Visits, local and non-local

There will be a number of local and non-local library visits on Friday, 30 August 2019. Please click on the registration buttons following the link below to see if these libraries provide wheelchair access.

Library Visits Programme

Public Transportation (OASA )

For some passengers the autonomous mobility in the cities is still a problem. Such persons are paraplegic and quadriplegic, blind, people with hearing problems, elderly people, pregnant women etc. OASA is tries to give equal opportunities to all these people and tries to offer a public transport system accessible to all. Provided that the access to the ramps is prohibited by illegally parked vehicles you can call OASA at the phone number
+30 210 6430880, +30 210 8708040, +30 210 8200883 and a crane will remove the illegally parked vehicles. Dear passenger, if you are a disabled person you could follow the following guide lines”


  • Approach the nearest metro station.
  • Using the ramps at the pavements you approach the lift of the station.
  • Enter into the lift to the platforms. All lifts are fully accessible. If there is any problem please use the emergency bell.
  • Enter into the train, either by yourself or by the assistance of the station’s staff.. If you are using a wheel chair the access to the train is easier if you use the first or the last wagon of the train.The reason behind it is that at the first and last wagon of the train there is a ramp between the train and the platform.
  • Blind people can ask for the help of the station’s staff who will help for the embarkation/ disembarkation.


  • Follow all the above guide lines, since all the stations of Line 1 are fully accessible
  • Enter from the first door of the first wagon of the train where there is special signs.
  • At the stations, AGHIOS NICOLAOS, OMONOIA, MONASTIRAKI, you have to ask for the help of the station’s staff who will place the portable ramp between the platform and the train (In these stations there is a big gap between train & platform) In these stations we have put special signs and there is also an announcement.


  • Please approach the nearest tram station , using the help of your companion, since the approach to the stations is rather difficult since there is no ramp at the pavement.
  • Enter into the tram where you will find seats dedicated for disabled people.


  • Approach to the nearest bus stop.
  • Choose, if possible a bus stop with a precast concrete platform.
  • When the bus stops at the bus stop the bus driver is obliged to operate the kneeling system and the electronic ramp, if there is one. Please note that almost all buses are fitted with kneeling system and about a quarter of them have ramps.
  • You can enter into the bus by yourself or using the aid of the bus driver. Instructions have been given to the drivers to offer help to disable people. If there is any complain you can reach OASA at the phone number +30 210 8836076 – 80.
  • In the case of groups of disable people eg schools which is using every day the public transport system you can call OASA at the phone number +30 210 8200883, +30 210 8200881.

OASA is already operating two special bus lines, line number 030 for the needs of disable children and line 910 for the needs of blind people.



  • Approach the nearest trolley bus stop
  • Use, preferably, the stops with a precast concrete platform
  • The trolley drivers are obliged to operate the kneeling system and the electronic ramp if there is one. Please note that all trolleys are fitted with the kneeling system and about a quarter of them are carrying electronic ramps. If you have any complain please call OASA at the phone number +30 210 8836076 – 80
  • All trolley drivers are obliged to offer help to the disable people

Special Taxi

The first wheelchair accessible taxi service based in Athens provides transfers, tours and chauffeurs for individuals and groups. For further information, please visit


For more information, please contact us via e-mail at  or visit us onsite at the Accessibility Counter at the Registration Area.