Local Library Visit 17: General State Archives of Greece and Filothei-Psychiko Municipal Library

Time: 09:00-13:00

General State Archives of Greece

Type of library: archives

Postal address: 61, Dafnis str., Psychiko, 154 52 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 7.9 km

Meeting point: Megaron Athens International Congress Center

Optimal route: Shuttle-bus service sponsored by Filothei – Psychiko Municipality. Route via Vas. Sofias Ave., turn exit left to Israeli Embassy, then Mousson Str. to Dafnis Str. (Local Library Visit #17a). Then the shuttle bus will continue the route to Filothei – Psychiko Municipal Library (Local Library Visit #17b).

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

The General State Archives (GSA) of Greece, established in 1914, is an independent public service that reports to the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. GSA consists of the Central Service based in Athens and of 64 Regional Services around Greece. Provincial Archives are regional administrative authorities operating under the Central Service of the GSA. The main function of the GSA, under Law 1946/91, is to supervise, preserve, collect, conserve, record, microfilm, digitize, classify and index the country’s archival material and to make available for study all public and private archives, documents and manuscript codices related to the history and cultural heritage of the Hellenic nation and to the administrative, economic and social life of the Greek state.


Filothei-Psychiko Municipal Library

Type of library: public (municipal)

Postal address: 13, Stratigou Kallari Str., Psychiko, 154 52 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 4.3 km

The Filothei – Psychiko Municipal Library is a member of the Greek Library Network of the National Library of Greece. It has more than 3000 members and provides its services through its Main Building and its Annex.

The main building is in the house of Kosmas Politis, one of the most important authors of the 1930s. Its collection includes over 18.000 volumes of books and CDs and people can use the library’s online catalog to locate books.

The library has developed various important activities such as book clubs, authors invited to make book presentation, educational programs designed by the National Library in collaboration with schools. It also organizes free of charge musical and literary events.