Local Library Visit 16: Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theater. Archives and Publications

Time: 09:00-10:00

Type of library: special

Postal address: 8, Scholiou Str., Plaka, 105 58 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 2.4 km

Meeting point: Syntagma Metro Station

Optimal route: From Syntagma to Scholiou 8: Head south towards Mitropoleos street; Turn left onto Voulis street, continue onto Iperidou Str. Turn right onto Iperidou; continue onto Kekropos Str.; continue onto Hill Str., turn right onto Scholiou Str., no 8. 

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

Archives and publications

Through the systematic filming of the local bands that have Visited​ the Theater, as well as the ​many field surveys ​​taken in the villages, a unique record of size and value has been formed. Based on this record, the authenticity of the dances presented in the performances is currently checked to ensure that they do not differ from the original.

The archive is complemented by a library of 10,000 books and articles, in many language​s, on dance, ethnography and other related topics. ​​

Most books are donated by the personal collection of our President Prof. Alkis Raftis, who is also President of the International Dance Council of UNESCO www.cid-portal.org. and are augmented by dozens of journals which continue to be sent to him from all over the world.  Collections include books for dancing, consisting also of rare books of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The archives also have a complete collection of texts, both ancient and new, for ancient Greek ordination, thousands of photos, discs, CDs, DVDs, videos, movies, etc.  In addition, a collection of about 5,000 rare engravings for dancing (the largest in the world), as well as a photographic record of 15,000 works of art (also the largest) are included.

We have published many books, and the Greek magazine «Παράδοση και Τέχνη» meaning “Dance – Tradition and Art” which consists of 114 issues to date – search our catalog at www.grdance.org

Furthermore, we have developed and maintain the “Greek Dance Pandect”, a database of digitalized documentation and information concerning Greek dance and the Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre. The project included the procurement of computer equipment, software development, digitalization-documentation, DVD publishing and the creation of a portal, funded by the “Information Society” program: www.dance-pandect.gr

An equally rich record is preserved for traditional music. From the recordings made in the studio, the largest series in the folk music discography has been published: 50 discs with songs and dance tracks from all parts of Greece.

The offices, the wardrobe and the archives are housed in a 5-storey historic building in Plaka, along with the original Greek costumes collection, the clothing maintenance workshop and a lecture hall. The building was the home of George Finley, an internationally renowned English historian of the Greek Revolution.

For further information about our Theatre please visit www.gradance.org


The living museum of Greek dance, since 1953

A public-benefit institution subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Tourism Organization under the patronage of the City of Athens

–  Daily performances in its 860-seat garden theatre, located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis

–  A company of 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers

–  A collection of over 2,000 village-made costumes, with jewelry and other works of folk art worn on stage

–  School providing courses, lectures and workshops on Greek dance, rebetiko dances, dance therapy, folk embroidery. Teacher training program

–  Programs for elementary schools

–  Field research programs in Dance Ethnography, Dance History, Dance Sociology

–  Study group, classes and workshops on Ancient Greek dance

–  Archives of dance books, articles, field recordings, photographs, videos and films

–  Publications: over 40 LP records, 15 CDs, 15 cassettes, 7 videocassettes, 30 books on dance in Greek, English and other languages, 8 CD-ROMs, 5 DVDs

–  Costume copies and accessories made for folk dance ensembles

–  Organizer of annual events: World Congress on Dance Research, Anapali Festival, Emmelia Festival

–  Operation of the Greek Dance Pandect portal: www.dance-pandect.gr and various websites

–  Close cooperation with the International Dance Council CID, the UNESCO official summit organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world:  www.cid-portal.org