Non-Local Library Visit 5: Public Central Library of Chalkida

Type of library: public

Postal address: 22, M. Kakara Str., 341 32 Chalkida, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 76 km

Meeting point: Titania Hotel / Panepistimio Metro Station

Optimal route: by bus

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

The first intellectual nucleus the “Aristotle Bibliophile Association” was founded in Chalkis in 1926. Its aim was the creation of a Public Central Library and Eubean Archives in Chalkida. Since 1957 it has been operating as the Central Public Library of Chalkis, in a privately-owned building and pertains to the National Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Its significant collection of books consists of approximately 100.000 volumes – among which 2.000-3.000 are old prints and rare books – magazines and audio-visual material, covering all subject areas. It also provides a rich children’s section with 3.000 book titles. Moreover, the Library has in its possession a small collection of weapons from 1821, old maps, engravings, as well as a remarkable collection of paintings. In addition to its main function, the Library organizes exhibitions, lectures, meetings and screenings of educational films for students. The library collaborates with other sectors in order to promote and elevate the cultural and intellectual standards of our city.