Non-Local Library Visit 7: Veria Central Public Library*

Type of library: public

Postal address: 8, Ellis str., 591 32 Veria, Greece

Optimal route: Delegates to enquire at the Library Visits Counter. From Athens to Veria by bus or by train (stop: Platy Station). Take the train from Stathmos Larissis Metro Station or the bus from Kifissos Bus Terminal to Veria. For more information, please visit:

Contact person: Mrs. Aspasia Tasiopoulou – Librarian, email:

* An overnight stay is recommended. Delegates are required to arrange their own transportation and accommodation for this visit.

Veria Central Public Library is a Public Library, subjected to the Ministry of Education. In 2010 it was awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the “Access to Learning Award 2010”, on the account of implementing technology into its infrastructure and creating a powerful framework for the local community.

This Greek miracle has been ever since worldwide acknowledged as a successful model library, due to the creative use of computing and technology services to cater for social, educational, and cultural needs of more than 180.000 people – and the number keeps on growing! People from the wider periphery come to visit our library daily. The library collection includes 130.000 items (books, newspapers, magazines, dress patterns, board games, tablets, kindles, teaching methods and tools for foreign languages, CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, etc.). More than 30.000 people are listed as library members. This library, taking advantage of the Gates Institution grant, renovated its premises and entered a whole new dimension. New departments were improvised to cater for both traditional and innovative needs. In the library you can now use: a recording studio (Media Lab), a creative lab called “Makerspace” equipped with a 3D Printer, an inspiration area, cutting edge technology, education and learning rooms, offering possibilities of study and relaxation as well.