Non-Local Library Visit 2: Public Central Library of Nafplio Library and New Library of Fougaro, Nafplion


Public Central Library of Nafplio Library 

Type of library: public

Postal address: 3, Koletti Str., 211 00 Nafplio, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 138 km

Meeting point: Titania Hotel

Optimal route: by bus

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

The Public Central Library of Nafplio “Palamidis” was founded in 1949 by the Progressive Association of Nafplio. Since 1952 it runs as Ν.Π.Δ.Δ. under the supervision of Ministry of Education.

It constitutes an organized center of information that gathers, processes, coordinates and provides information-knowledge. It enumerates more than 75,000 books, including great book collections, such as parts from personal libraries of Aggelos Terzakis, Klio Presvelou and Vasilis Kiriakopoulos, the manuscripts of Antonis Lekopoulos and the musical scores of Vasilis Haramis. And last but certainly not least it is the rare library of the first Gymnasium of Greece, that includes rare and valuable first edition books, of which the oldest dates to 1504. These books have been digitized and become available to researchers.

The Library includes lending and reading departments, a local book department, a collection of newspapers and magazines and a computer center for the public. Cultural, social and educational events also take place in the library. Other activities include lectures, book presentations, seminars, art and speech workshops, music happenings and other humanitarian actions, such as blood donations.

Main concerns of the library are the needs and interests of local students, thus educational programs are organized and address the whole student population. These programs are faced with great participation of over 5,000 students every year.


New Library of Fougaro, Nafplion

Type of library: special

Postal address: 98, Asklipiou Str., 211 00, Nafplion, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 152 km


Once the Anthos canning factory and industrial complex, FOUGARO is now a venue for creativity and artistic expression. Named for its 36m-tall smokestack, FOUGARO opened in October 2012 and comprises an Art and Humanities Library, a New Library for children and babies, a Gallery, a Gallery Shop, a Café-Restaurant, multiple venues and open spaces for workshops, corporate and cultural events.

Fougaro Libraries contain more than 20,000 books in Greek, English, French and other European languages. Both libraries are lending, and a Library Shop has also recently been established offering new and second-hand books and stationery.

The libraries offer educational programs for children, adults and schools. These include seminars, mind workshops, book presentations and readings. Since 2015, the New Library also offers workshops for parents, babies and children.

In 2010 the Library embarked on a collaborative scheme with Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies which operates from Nafplion. In the summer months, students from Harvard and its associated institutions provide their voluntary services to support the Library’s work and activities.