Non-Local Library 3: Public Central Library of Levadia

Type of library: public

Postal address: 7, Cadmou and Daidalou Str, 321 00 Levadia, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 130 km

Meeting point: Titania Hotel / Panepistimio Metro Station

Optimal route: by bus

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

The Public Central Library of Levadia is one of the 46 Public Libraries of the country and operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

It is a popular Library, open to all citizens, containing approximately 100.000 books and other material from all fields of knowledge as well as a remarkable Digital Collection mainly of a local coverage. There are 11.800 registered members and serves the wider City of Levadia but also the perfecture of Viotia. It disposes a Reading Room, a Lending Department, a MediaLab (a Music Studio, a PC Room and a Lounge) and a Mobile Unit. It has a remarkable participation and interaction on the Internet and the social media.

It has always constituted a lively cell of culture for the local society, conducting a plethora of multifarious educational programs and events aiming to receptors of all age groups and cognitive levels and interest of the citizens (classes, seminars, educational trips, exhibitions, educational programs). At the same time, it always pursues the cooperation with the educational community, as well as other cultural organizations and libraries.

However, what mainly characterizes the Library is the fact that it has become a “joint” or meeting place and constitutes a Community made up of groups of citizens, “beehives” with common interests and lengthy and intense participation in activities such as Reading Clubs, a Mythology Lab, Photography, Psychology and Writing Groups.

Its main ambition is to contribute to the cultural growth of the region, by offering those indispensable elements which would entitle the impetus and the will to achieve it: material and spiritual wealth, will, knowledge, experience, VISION!