METALIBRARY – an interactive intervention

London based Visual Artist and educator Christina Mitrentse will perform an interactive intervention entitled METALIBRARY, which will take place on Monday 26 August from 11:00 – 17:00 at the IFLA Congress – with your help!

The main body of the ephemeral site-specific installation will consist of books selected by both Greek and International participants of the Congress, and it will be “constructed” by the artist at the grounds of the Megaron Conference Centre. The project focuses on the culture of the book and speculates on what cultural practice can be in the post-capitalist landscape of constant media consumption and perpetual crisis.

It is kindly requested that the Greek & International participants / exhibitors of IFLA Congress in Athens 2019, BRING AND ADD THEIR OWN FAVOURITE BOOK (On loan for Monday 26 August from 11:00 – 17:30) in order to extend the content of the continuous “Bibliographic Data Flow” and printed publications of the international METALIBRARY project. You could additionally submit your book online.

Mitrentse’s work is represented by the  A. Antonopoulou Art. The project is coordinated by museologist & curator Faedra Vassiliadou. For further information please visit the website: Christina Mitrentse – METALIBRARY.