Local Library Visit by Bus 5: Harokopio University Library and Panteion University Library

Time: 08:00 -12:00


Harokopio University Library

Type of library: academic

Postal address: 70, El.Venizelou str., Kallithea, 176 71 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 5.0 km

Meeting point: Sygrou Fix Metro Station

Optimal route: by bus

Harokopio University originates from an educational institution that was first established in 1929 and gained the status of University in 1990. The Library was established in 1991. Since November 2000, it has operated on the 4th floor of the new wing “Evanthia Petroutsi – Harokopou”. HUA’s Library and Information Center serves approximately 2500 registered users, academic community and is open to every citizen that needs its services under specific policies. The printed collections of the HUA Library and Information Center cover all the academic subjects that the University currently offers. The collections include about 27.000 volumes and are constantly enriched with new items.  To catalogue the printed material, the Library uses the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2), the Library of Congress Subject Headings, and the classification is according DDC. The Library is a member of ILSaS project under Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) consortium. Due to the consortium membership the Library also provides access to subscriptions to e-journals and e-books which are available to the academic community through HEAL-Link.

ESTIA is the Institutional Repository and Digital Library of HUA Library. The platform is governed by the principles of open-access and was designed and developed in order to collect, preserve and disseminate HUA’s intellectual property and a permanent collection of HUA members’ academic publishing in a digital format. ESTIA is organized in 6 collections.

HUA’s Library beyond Heal-link membership, is a founding member of H.E.LI.N. (Hellenic Economic Library Network) and additionally cooperates with National Documentation Centre for “National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals”.

HUA’s Library & Information Centre has extended opening hours and is open specific weekends during the academic period and its personnel consists of 3 librarians.


Panteion University Library

Type of library: academic

Postal address: 136, Sygrou Ave., 176 71 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 4.0 km

The Library and Information Centre of Panteion University is located in a neoclassical building in 136 Syggrou Avenue.The entrance of the Library is located in Alexandrou Pantou pedestrian street. The Library is accessible via public transport with the following bus lines: A2, E2 (express), B2, E22, 550, 450, 040, 106, 126, 134, 135, 136, 137.

Panteion University has a central Library which is located at the main building facing Syngrou Avenue. The entrance is on the ground floor. The library extends to three more floors covering a total area of 2,000 m2 accessible with both elevator and staircase. The purpose of Panteion University Library and Information Centre is to cover, support and promote educational and research activities of the Panteion academic community. The Library’s operation also supports instructional missions of undergraduate and postgraduate programs while at the same time it promotes academic objectives and contributes to the fulfillment of the social role of the University. In order to achieve its purposes, the Library has fully automated its services and functions and develops print, electronic and digital collections as well as internet applications and services. The Library has increased significantly the number of its users and it is one of the most pleasant and popular facilities of the University.

The Library of Panteion University possesses a valuable collection of more than 90,000 printed books and 800 printed journal titles, as well as web access to more than 13,000 of the most prestigious international journals. The Library’s collection covers a wide range of social and human sciences. Open access collections and reading rooms are also available to external users who may search for print material and study in the reading rooms. Services include circulation/borrowing services, interlibrary loan and document delivery services, material orders to enrich the collection and Library Training Courses to familiarize its users with its material and services. The digital library of Panteion University “Pandemos” offers access to full text documents of postgraduate and doctorate theses, lecture notes and Greek journal articles and conference papers. Τhe Library pioneered the creation of AMELib, which provides accessible online books to all beneficiaries, print-disabled users of academic libraries in the country. It was also the first to attempt a collective online public directory (online public access catalogue – OPAC) which contains the electronic version of many books.