Local Library Visit By Bus 1: Library of Athens School of Fine Arts and University of Pireus Library

Time: 08:00-12:00


Library of Athens School of Fine Arts

Type of library: academic

Postal address: 256, Pireos Str., Rentis, 182 33 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 8.2 km

Meeting point: Sygrou Fix Metro Station

Optimal route: by bus 

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

The Athens School of Fine Arts Library is the oldest and largest visual arts library in Greece. The ASFA Library’s main mission is to support the Institute’s educational and research programs. It specializes in visual art and history of fine arts. Its collections, (65.000 books) also cover topics related to various academic disciplines within the humanities. In addition, it supports the research needs in art specialized fields outside the ASFA community. It is located in a very new and modern building of 2.500 m2.


University of Pireus Library

Type of library: academic

Postal address: 80, Karaoli and Dimitriou, 185 34 Piraeus, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 13.0 km

The University of Pireus Library sustains and promotes the educational and research goals of the University. Additionally, it supports not only the continuous development and expansion of the University’s objectives but also its social role. The library offers various reference services via email, telephone or in person as well as training courses to the users who are interested in its services and collections. The library has developed and maintains three digital repositories: DIONE (http://dione.lib.unipi.gr/xmlui/?locale-attribute=en) which is  the University’s Institutional Repository containing post-graduate and doctoral theses, the Repository of the European Documentation Centers of Greece (ΚΕΤlib-http://ketlib.lib.unipi.gr/xmlui/?locale-attribute=en) with European content and Pandora which is the Research Repository of the University (http://pandora.lib.unipi.gr/jspui/?locale=en). 

Moreover, the Library hosts a European Documentation Center (EDC) and is member of three major Library Networks: the Hellenic Academic Libraries (Heal-link- https://www.heal-link.gr/?lang=en), the Hellenic Economic Libraries (H.E.LI.N.- http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/index.php/en) and the Nautical Libraries network.