Local Library Visit 12: Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation) and Centre for Asia Minor Studies Library 

Time: 09:30-13:00

Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation) 

Type of library: special

Postal address: 5, Ag. Andreou str., 105 56 Athens, Greece

Distance to Congress venue: 2.5 km

Meeting point: Syntagma Metro Station

Optimal route: Meet at 09:15 in Syntagma Square (Syntagma Metro Station). Then turn left to Filenninon Str., turn right at Kithathineon Str. (the 5th street) for the Centre for Asia Minor Studies Library (Local Library Visit #12a). From that Library turn to Adrianou Str., cross Flessa Str. and turn right to Agios Andreas Str. for the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (Local Library Visit #12b).

A volunteer will be waiting for you at the proposed meeting point.

Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (well-known as E.L.I.A.) is a private non-profit special organization. Its aims are to collect, preserve, organize, study and publish archival and printed material of the 19th and 20th centuries, relating to the historical and intellectual development of Greece. The library contains more than 200.000 volumes of books, pamphlets, periodicals, annuals and newspapers of the 19th and 20th century and in some categories (books of 19th century, annuals, periodicals) the collections are the most completed. The archival collections consist of more than 1300 archives of historic, economic, literary, industrial and artistic contents. The cartographic archive holds more 2.500 maps of the period 1830-1950 focusing on Greece. The photographic archive contains more than 300.000 vintage prints, portraits, landscapes and documentary photography from through-out the Greek world. The postcards collection numbers more than 180.000 items and is considered one of the richest in Greece.  The collection of ephemerals, such as advertisements, receipts, invoices, labels, packaging material and other is complementary to the research of economic and social history. The ELIA collections also comprise old objects of every-day life, professional and industrial use (cashiers machines, printing and sewing machine, radios, toys, bottles, pharmacy items etc.).


Centre for Asia Minor Studies Library 

Type of library: research, non-lending

Postal address: 11, Kydathinaion Str., 105 58 Athens, Greece

Distance from Congress venue: 2.0 km

The CAMS Library, with approximately 17,000 titles of books and periodical editions (in Greek and other languages), is the only library in Greece specializing in Asia Minor studies. Classified according to the geographical system used for the Oral Tradition Archive, the resources include rare old books covering the whole area of Asia Minor, Karamanli publications, special book collections, as well as periodical publications, published before 1922 during the Ottoman Empire or in Greece.

The Library keeps up with current production of historical material and research issues and collaborates with similar scientific institutes in Greece and abroad.

The Library is using the ABEKT Library Automation System of the National Documentation Centre. The library catalogue is included in the Argo database of the National Documentation Centre (www.argo.ekt.gr) and in the Union Catalog of the Hellenic Academic Libraries (www.unioncatalog.gr).

The Library is open to the public Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, but it is not a lending library.