Fun time at IFLA: you missed the beach – don’t miss this! 

Yes, there was a beach session in Athens – right before the official start of the conference, the famous unconference brought librarians to aopen session on the beach. If you missed it, mark your calendars for Dublin 2020 and look up the IFLAcamp! 

Luckily, the fun part of the conference is not over. Besides the trending topics, stellar sessions, and incredible networking that you are able to explore during the IFLA WLIC 2019, boost your energy with out-of-the-box experiences! 

Library love stories

29 August 10:45 – 12:45, Lambrakis  

Another unusual session on Thursday: Library love stories organised by the New Professionals SIGand Management and Marketing section. Come to hear the stories and share your own stories! The format will be rather unusual as well – but let’s not reveal all the secrets now. Join us! 

library love stories

Greek Calligraphy with Maria Genitsariou

26-28 August from 11-15 

Come learn how to write using several different Greek scriptures and different writing materials like qalam, quil, dip pen on papyrous, parchment and handmade paper. 

Morning Yoga/stretching sessions

25-29 August 7:45-8:15, location: Garden 

Join pilates and stretching sessions every morning in the lovely garden by the conference centre! It’s easy to find it – volunteers are there every morning with the signs directing you where to go. 

yoga classes by megaron centre

Lightning talks

Thursday, 29 August, 08.30 – 15.45 

Many voices, many perspectives…just five minutes to share a story! 

Experience a cross-section of the library world – from projects with marginalised groups to personal experiences in the field, problem-solving ideas and stories of libraries creating positive change in their communities. Drop in, listen to stories and see if inspiration strikes! 

What’s your #WLICWOW moment?  

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Exhibition passport 

Win a complimentary registration to WLIC2020 in Dublin, Ireland with our popular Exhibition Passport draw! 

Engage with our wonderful Exhibitors, have your passport stamped at the Exhibitors’ Booth and answer two questions. Then simply hand in the passport at the IFLA Booth or the Registration Area by 13:00 Wednesday, 28 August 2019.