Association Members Meeting: A Strategy for You

Association Members are a critical component of IFLA’s membership.  Not only do they represent a geographically broad and diverse base that includes National, International, Affiliate and Other Association Members, they also stand at the forefront of responding to the IFLA Strategy’s call to action.   

With our new strategy, IFLA is focusing more than ever on the need to build capacity and connections at the national level, in order to respond to needs and promote development in the most effective way possible.  Contributions from workshops Associations have organised and the representatives they have sent to IFLA meetings since the Global Vision process began have already made a powerful impact 

But more than ever, our success depends on readiness to work together, to find and realise the possibilities, to support libraries and the communities they serve all over the world.  

The 2019 Association Members Meeting takes place today (27 August 2019) from 16:00 – 18:00 and will be held in the Megaron’s Banqueting Hall.